How Do I Protect My Home from Intruders?

Have you ever thought that your home gets intruded by a stranger one day? Probably most of you do not believe it is going to happen to you. However, in the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. FBI website states that there are an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019. With this data, will you still think a break-in is a blue moon? However, you should not feel panic. Here are some workable tips to ensure your home from break-ins.

Tip 1: Installing a Home Security Camera

According to the FBI, 1 in 3 homes without a security system will fall victim to a burglary compared to 1 in 250 homes with a security system. A security camera detects and deters the criminals.

Netvue Orb Pro is our recommendation for the home security camera for you. It can rotate in all directions by panning or tilting automatically to keep the moving target in the center of the view, even in night vision. In other words, although the intruders want to enter the home from hidden corners, they could be detected by the cameras. Furthermore, when the intruders find out they have been filmed, they may flinch.

Netvue Orb Pro provides live streaming to detect your home over the internet, and then the live streams can be processed into video. If unfortunately, your home is broken into and stolen, the video can be submitted to the police as evidence, helping catch the criminals and get the property back.

Tip 2: Check Areas of Your Home for Safety

Even with the security camera, it is also necessary to ensure the areas of your home are all safe.

  • Front Doors

About 33 percent of the break-ins for a home occur through the front doors. Therefore, it is significant to invest in solid and quality front doors. Besides, when all family members are home, please remember to lock the door.

  • Windows

Some people are not in the habit of locking their windows, which benefits the criminals to climb into the house through the windows. Therefore, any window of the home that is easy to reach should have sash locks installed.

  • Sliding Doors

It is recorded that about 20 percent of break-ins occur through a side door. Hence, locking the sliding doors before sleeping and investing a camera to detect and deter would-be criminals are necessities.

Netvue outdoor cameras are able to provide a whole solution for sliding doors’ protection. After the installation of Netvue devices, you will receive notification from Netvue App when motion happens. If anything suspecious occurs, you can call police right the way.

Tip 3:Make it Difficult to Hide

Criminals prefer unlit houses since they have less of a chance of being seen at and then being caught. So lightning is one of the main defenses against break-ins, especially against burglars. In addition, large trees and bushes may provide a shelter for the criminals to hide, which makes it more likely the nearby home gets robbed. Therefore, If you find that your house meets the above criteria, please remember to install more lighting systems and trim the near trees and bushes. If possible, we will recommend you install security cameras to enhance safety.

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