Top 3 Things You Need to Know About the PTZ Camera

Indoor PTZ Cameras

In recent years, PTZ cameras have been the favorite choice for users including vendors, house owners, or school supervisors because of their outstanding benefits. But what and why exactly did the PTZ camera catch on? In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about PTZ cameras and help you understand better about PTZ cameras.

  • What Is PTZ Camera?
  • Is It Necessary to Buy a PTZ Camera?
  • Best PTZ Camera For Your Recommendation

What Is PTZ Camera?

A PTZ camera refers to a pan, tilt, and zoom video camera which is controlled remotely by a human.

This PTZ camera is usually used to pan, tilt, and zoom. What’s more, it is often regarded as a security camera since a set of PTZ cameras could perform the functions of multiple ordinary surveillance cameras. It allows the operator to supervise everything that he wants to control, even at a far distance. There are several advantages that a PTZ camera could offer to users:

  • Advantage 1: Border Range of Control

The first advantage is the range of control, a ball PTZ surveillance camera could view the scene with 360 degrees with clearer sight. Take a look at Netvue Orb Pro’s PTZ feature:

Netvue Orb Pro
  • Advantage 2: Better Linkage Alarm

Today, a surveillance camera combined with an alarm system has been favored by the most public, especially for those cameras which equip with a front-end facility to identify the target and analyze to achieve the function of warning. Therefore, the PTZ cameras could better integrate into the monitoring market with a well-rounded surveillance system.

  • Advantage 3: Monitoring Dynamic Region

A PTZ camera possesses with dynamic regional intelligent monitoring function, recording moving objects beyond the background. In this sense, it can minimize the storage of a camera.

Is It Necessary to Buy a PTZ Camera?

Well, as there are several benefits that a PTZ camera could provide, it is inevitable that it has its own drawbacks. The prominent one is a PTZ camera usually prices high. Thus, it leads to the question of whether it is worthwhile to buy a PTZ camera?

Admittedly, an ordinary surveillance camera could definitely help supervise something to some extent, like students cheating behaviors, strangers passing by your front door, or witnessing customers shopping in your store. But if you want to zoom in to have a careful investigation, it might fail to achieve your goal.

Netvue Outdoor Camera

Though a PTZ camera could bring users more advantages, it should depend on whether you really need this product. In Netvue camera’s collection, you will be able to find both PTZ and regular cameras to meet your personal needs.

Best PTZ Camera for Your Recommendation

In this security camera market, many vendors are competing in a way to produce a well-equipped PTZ camera or make no efforts to optimize their products. In this section, we have selected the two best PTZ cameras from Netvue for your reference.

Netvue PTZ Camera Specs

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Netvue lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Home security, done smart. We’re inviting you to join Netvue family today on

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