What Is the Best Security Camera for Outside?

Have you ever been bothered by concerns about the safety of your home? It is estimated by IPVM that 24 million households in the United States have purchased security cameras for safety. However, with numerous outdoor cameras of different brands on the market, which one is the best? Netvue Sentry Pro would be our recommendation and its functions would be listed following.

Netvue Sentry Pro

Function 1: Pan-Tilt-Zoom and Stunning 3MP Super HD

A pan-tilt-zoom camera, in short PTZ, is a camera that is capable of remote directional and lens zoom. Netvue Sentry Pro is able to pan 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees. Both expansive and close-in views for details required are revealed with a single camera.

Besides, an incredible 3MP super HD is programmed, so that the details of each frame are still visible even zooming in. With 3MP, the capacity of the night vision of Netvue Sentry Pro is enhanced. Therefore, you can no longer worry that a stranger quietly approaches your home in the dark.

Function 2: Motion Detection

Another free feature that is designed for all the Netvue cameras is the ability to detect motion and send notifications to you through the Netvue App. If you use Netvue Sentry Pro to protect your backyard, you will stay connected to what’s happening there.

There is also an advanced mode for motion detection, called Event Video Recording. With this add-on, you will get events that happen recorded as videos and save to your Netvue app.

Function 3: IP66 Weatherproof

Some people who live close to the polar region may think that about whether the camera will be easy to break under the extreme environment. Sentry Pro security camera is built to withstand all extremely cold or hot weather. With the full metal housing, it is highly vandal-resistant and corrosion-resistant, hence you can count on them to last for years and years.

Function 4: Remote Monitor and 2-Way Communication

Are you a person who is often busy at work? Do you often worry about strangers approaching your home and hurting your family?

If you think you fit the above characteristic, Sentry Pro must satisfy you with its monitoring feature. The remote monitoring is provided through the Netvue website. Live streaming on smartphones, tablets, and computers is supported. If you think that the stranger appeared on the camera makes you anxious, you can communicate with him directly through the camera with the 2-way communication feature, or you can directly and immediately call the police for help.

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