What’s Motion Detection?

Netvue Motion Detection

What’s the Theory Behind?

Before diving into motion detection, we should know how motion can be detected. Human beings usually notice a motion with our eyes. However, there are way more methods can motion be detected by machines. For example, infrared light, radiofrequency energy, sound, kinetic energy, magnetism, and Wi-Fi Signals. In this way, our cameras can be a lot more sensitive when monitoring for us.

Basically, motion detection needs optical and acoustic methods to increase its accuracy. As for the optical aspect, its main approach is comparing. Having study tons of images beforehand, the machine can compare every single detail and then identify the property of the image in the camera. That’s why this technology is able to extract and classify people and vehicles from massive video data, making it easy for end-users to trace historical information and analyze it.

Real-Time Tracking

Netvue Motion Tracking

The motion detection technology can provide an alarm clearly on the video, ensuring that we are watching the real-time video with no lagging. Besides, there will be a tracking box appearing in the video, which can provide us with an accurate tracking effect. That is a common function of Netvue products. When a target is identified, Netvue will send real-time notifications to your mobile app. Once having this service, you can apply it to any of our product that is capable of using motion detection.

No worries about False Alarms

As a security tool, motion detection is critical but often triggers false alarms. For example, false alarms from falling leaves, extreme weather, or pets, which can be annoying. More importantly, too many false alarms may cause users to miss important alerts, which could greatly reduce the technology’s value. Fortunately, Netvue’s motion detection is smart enough to fix this problem.

Netvue Protect is one of our Cloud services, which utilize motion detection technology to better supervise activities. Netvue can recognize humans from objects, get alerted when humans are detected. Therefore, you won’t be bothered by normal alerts, but only focus on the most important thing. Get our Cloud service and this smart technology can therefore be easily employed in your daily life.

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Netvue lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Home security, done smart. We’re inviting you to join Netvue family today on netvue.com.

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Netvue lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Home security, done smart. We’re inviting you to join Netvue family today on netvue.com.

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